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Yemelyan Rodionov
Yemelyan Rodionov


Welcome to our USA strains cannabis seeds, where we offer 16 of the best cultivars from the US. Here you will find exotic cultivars such as Gelato, Original Glue, Zkittlez, Girl Scout Cookies just to name a few terpene powerhouses. More info


Outdoors when planting Misty Kush seeds in May, flowering time will require 8-10 weeks before plants are ready to harvest. She can be a very productive plant, so be vigilant during the final few weeks of flower production and make sure there is a good air flow around the buds and plants.

Welcome to our cannabis seeds page where you will find our portfolio of regular cannabis seeds, feminized cannabis seeds and autoflowers. We boast a wide range of indica, sativa and hybrid cultivars extending over a 35-year period! More info

We are proud to offer you a wide variety of cannabis strains from our own seed bank. Each batch of marijuana seeds is fresh from the source and thoroughly tested to ensure high germination rates.

Swiss Cheese seeds are well suited for growers who experience challenging weather and need something reliable that requires little maintenance. Make sure your carbon filters are working when flowering this cultivar, and make sure you triple bag your dried buds.

Germinating all the seeds using a moist towel technique. The genetics grow fast with thick stocks and bush like structure. I topped four times give the plants 8 main colas. Buds are all covered in trichomes. Very happy with this strain I will be purchasing again.

For anyone who is serious about Kush, we present White Fire OG seeds. Well known as the pinnacle of OG Kush in terms of fuel, diesel and pine terpenes, with a head rolling 28% THC! Like most OG crosses, she can be quite tricky to grow, so is best suited for growers with experience, and may need maintaining more than other strains.

We strongly recommend growing White Fire OG seeds in a Sea of Green indoors. Here she will be an incredible performer that grows uniforms and will produce one main central cola with long and thin side branches closely clustered together in a typical Kush fashion.

We recommend planting White Fire OG seeds outdoors as early as possible in Spring. The harvest date will be from the first weeks of October. Flowering time outdoors will take 63-70 days, depending on the climate and size of the plants.

He spent years travelling, seeking and collecting marijuana seeds from the finest strains available. More years went into experimenting, growing, cross-breeding and developing new cannabis strains, from which the very best were selected for his range of first-rate hybrids.

In 1995 Nirvana was officially founded by Mau. From its origins as a cannabis seed specialist, Nirvana has grown into an innovative business concept. Its unique and original range of carefully crafted hemp products serves to expand the usage of this extraordinary plant further than ever before. While continually improving and extending its range of first-rate cannabis seeds.

The webshop, which sells solely top-notch cannabis seeds and nutrients, is run by a small but dedicated team of developers, programmers and packers. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, which has long been one of the many reasons why customers love to shop with us again and again.

Matanuska is in a class of her own, with a very rare flavor and rock solid buds. You will think she went to Alaska and back, once you start Matanuska seeds turn into plants with intense blankets of snowy resin this strain produces. An original classic that is a household name back in Alaska and one that medical patients have as their go-to hybrid.

By backcrossing the best phenotypes of the Matanuska we could find, the result is a very stable and uniform version of this famous Alaskan hybrid. Her terpene profile is very loud with an excessive number of trichomes. We recommend these seeds to hash makers as she is such a generous plant in terms of high-grade sugar leaf.

If you are a medical patient in search of the perfect cannabinoid ratio, or someone who wants something unique and original, then order Matanuska cannabis seeds today at Nirvana Shop seed bank and receive fast delivery and discreet shipping.

Award-winning flavors ready in just 8-9 weeks of flowering, feminized Girl Scout Cookies seeds (aka GSC seeds) are perfect for commercial growers, looking for a super reliable strain with a unique terpene profile. Well recommended for beginner growers and those who want to enjoy the very best in taste and effect.

A tough plant that can withstand colder climates and will produce excellent results indoors and outdoors, with a superb resin, terpene profile and THC levels ranging from 16-21%. Girl Scout Cookies Feminized strain seeds are perfect for beginner growers with limited space and those looking for a medium height plant.

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized seeds produce tightly compact plants that will grow one main cola with thin side branches. She is a medium-sized plant that will not grow too tall, meaning stretching is easy to control. Expect plants to grow as tall as 125 cm (49 inches).

Trainwreck will hit you like a high-speed train, and is a three-way hybrid made from Mexican, Thai, and Afghani genetics. This sativa dominant cerebral roller coaster offers spice, pine, lemon and herbal flavors with THC levels testing as high as 21%. Trainwreck seeds are easy to grow once you get her dialed in, and despite her sativa dominance can flower as quick as 8 weeks.

When grown indoors, Trainwreck cannabis seeds will have a tendency to grow quicker than most plants. Thanks to her sativa genetics, internodal spacing will be large sized, allowing for plant training and a more open structure.

This multiple cup-winning strain was the queen of the coffee shops in Amsterdam in the 1990s, and is the backbone behind many modern-day hybrids. We are proud to offer the original White Widow seeds that many new school growers and smokers have not had the chance to experience.

Those who enjoy a cerebral roller coaster similar to a land race sativa will really enjoy growing our White Widow Feminized seeds, as her effects are clear, alert, and ideal for working professionals and creative individuals.

Outdoors, White Widow seeds planted in the Spring will be ready to harvest in the middle to end of October. This strain has a very fast-growing root system, so we recommend planting into a large pot, such as 50-100 liters (11-22 gallons).

For those searching for the old school, road kill, dank cellar aroma with a sweet yet sour funk, need to look no further. B-52 seeds are perfect for beginner growers who want potency, big yields and off the chart dank flavors. You will feel like you are on board a B-52 jet about to take off, after a few dabs of extracts produced from this hybrid.

Outdoors, B-52 seeds will grow into large-sized plants with huge fan leaves. Once flowering begins, she will not stretch much, and will remain a low profile and discreet strain. Insects and bugs do not seem to bother with B-52, and once planted can be left to grow with little maintenance.

We recommend allowing B-52 seeds to be trained around the 4th week of the vegetative stage. Topping and pruning will remove all the lower growth, and dramatically increase airflow and fresh air around the plants.

Period Shop is the first store in the US to offer a curated selection of the best reusable period products to help you reach a state of period nirvana. Hand selected by Kim Rosas, leading menstrual cup expert, all products we carry are assured to address the spectrum of needs for every menstruator.

Nirvana's history of cannabis seeds roots back to the late 1980s. Back then, the founder-to-be of Nirvana Seeds worked at the most famous grow shop in Amsterdam: "Positronics". There he gained the knowledge and inspiration to open his own cannabis seeds company. He spent years travelling, searching, and collecting cannabis seeds of the greatest strains. Even more time has been put into growing, crossing, experimenting, and creating the new cannabis strains. Today, Nirvana is renowned for their top quality hybrid cannabis seeds and an extensive range of hemp products that they have developed in-house.

Nirvana Seeds is world famous for selling only the best cannabis seeds at very affordable prices, including both classic strains and completely original new hybrids. They officially opened their Dutch seed shop in 1995, but the founder had been working with cannabis seeds for well over a decade by then. He first got his hands dirty at the original Positronics Shop in Amsterdam back in the 1980s. That's where he first developed a love of cannabis and was inspired to open his own store.

Mellow they may be, but lazy they are not. This innovative canna-company doesn't just sell some of the most popular cannabis seeds on the planet, they also offer their customers the finest nutrients and soils you can find in The Netherlands or anywhere else. Plus, they've even developed an entire line of hemp products including wine, beer, liqueur, vinegar and iced tea.

To try most of those products, you'll have to actually walk into their shop near Nieuwmarkt Square, but you can pick up a pack of their legendary cannabis seeds online with just a few clicks of your mouse. What could be easier?

Every seed is carefully inspected before packing to ensure ripeness, freshness and longevity. Keep your seeds safely inside the original packaging until you're ready to use them and always store them properly to ensure their viability for as long as possible. If you order more seeds than you'll use at one time, returned any unused beans to their original packet and reseal it with tape, or place them in an alternative storage container until you're ready to use them.

Nirvana Seeds come in packs of 5 feminized or autoflowering seeds and packs of 10 regular seeds. Pick up a pack or two today and soon you too will be able to reach a pure state of bliss, also known as Nirvana.

Nirvana Seeds presents here Girl Scout Cookies, famous for a sweet bakery aroma and euphoric and relaxing effect. Now available in our feminised cannabis seeds catalogue at AlchimiaWeb. 041b061a72




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