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Young Love: A Heartwarming Animation Series About an African American Family (Download Episodes 1-12)

Scott Benner 38:52Because I can't everyone's not gonna, like your personality, you know, so. So that that I thought was great. But yeah, so I think the person's giving up now, I haven't responded to them. I think they were looking for, you know, they were looking for a fight. And I Yeah, to that person, if you're listening, I'm an adult. I'm not going to fight with you. But But, but it's still, it'll still like, hate every once in a while, like, well, there's a person out there who heard that episode and was like, this is garbage. I can't, this is terrible. And then no lie. Last night. I got a note from a woman who said, I want to be on the show. And I was motivated by that really excellent episode you just put out. I love that. She goes on and on about what she's what she loved about it. And then she tells me what episode it is. And it's the one that the other person told me was terrible and they couldn't make it through it. And I was like, oh, okay, I had to be reminded that everything I say can't be universally beloved. You know what I mean? That there are just going to be people who are like, I don't like the guy you know, so Anyway, it was nice to hear that you do, because maybe I'll stop thinking about that guy now.

Scott Benner 59:49So I learned that but I'm also a boy. See, and so you understand, like, I don't think about things like that. I don't think about how I sound or what I'm big because I know my intent and My intent is pure. So I don't need to. I don't know, I don't I don't need to like, I'm way nicer on this podcast and I am in my real life. Because I don't know if you're a kook, you know what I mean? So I gotta like kid gloves. Like, while I'm talking to somebody, because I don't want someone going off on me. How amazing is that in 750 episodes, no one's yelled at me. I keep waiting for it. I keep thinking someone's going to come on under false pretenses and get on and be like, I hate you. And I hate this podcast. And it just doesn't happen.

download young love episode 1-12

Scott Benner 1:03:18I like 6040. Me. But also, that's because I'm I read bumpers in the front where there's not another I read the ads in the middle I read at the end like it should be if it's 6040. Maybe it's probably more like 5050. Yeah. In the episode, if it's 5050, then it's probably really more like, you don't I mean, like, I'm probably talking a little too much. And then there are times when Jenny and I do like short management stuff, where I'm it's almost like a comedy team. But we're not talking about something funny. I do the big setup. And then Jenny comes in and gives her opinion. And so there are people who hear that and think Scott's talking more than her, but I'm putting you in the position so that when you hear her answer, it flows into your mind easily. Yeah, like, yeah, I set her up and she, you know, she kicks it. That kind of thing. Yeah, here's another one that just went up the other day. 55 me 45 Aaron, this. That's perfect. Like for me. There. There have been a couple where people start talking, and I can't stop them. I'm just like, I just give up. I'm like, Okay, go ahead, talk your face off. I don't know what to say. You know, just and then I'll look later and they spoke like 70% of the time and I spoke 30% of the time then I realized like 10% of that is me like saying like dexcom.com forward slash Oh, my God. I never spoken this episode, you know? But they all to me, they all How do I want to put this? There are episodes that I've made that I personally wouldn't want to listen to. And okay, and then I get great feedback from them. And it reminds me that I'm not everybody. So even if, even if the content is good, but I didn't like the flow of the conversation, or something, there's still someone out there who it will hit. And so it's valuable for them. It's almost like when I put up episodes about people who are pregnant with type one, they're very popular in a segment. But overall, they don't download as well as other episodes. Yeah, because not everybody is interested in having a baby or they already have or whatever. But I still see them as a public service. So I don't like when somebody says, I want to come on, like I have one going up in a couple of days. It's about IVF. I'll tell you, I can tell you this, right. It's about IVF. And pregnancy. That's what it was supposed to be about. This woman was going to come on and talk about in vitro fertilization, and her pregnancy and she was going to come on in like, like pregnant and talk. And we're having the conversation and you know, I'm just building the conversation of I don't know how far we are into it. 20 minutes, 30 minutes when I realize she's had a miscarriage. Oh, recently. And I just like, I got crestfallen. And I said, Why did you come on and do this? Yeah. Like, like you didn't like, and I started, I said to her, I'm like, Oh, God, I said, so many stupid things over the last 20 minutes. Like, I didn't know, you just had a miscarriage, you know, and she's like, it's okay. And, and I did not expect that to happen. Right? And so when you put that up as an episode, it's really going to help the people who need it. And yet there are going to be a larger percentage of people who are going to look at that episode, pass that by not listen to it. But I never think like, Why can't run this? Because I'm giving away downloads today. Like I don't I don't I think of it as like, it's a it's like a public service. Not everybody needs it, but somebody does.

Scott Benner 1:16:38I'll make my way back. Luckily, the ladies out there tanning the leather. I can say hi to her. And I know you don't. In my mind. You live in the Smurfs Village. This is little mushrooms that you live in. That's not the case. I'm getting close. Do you love it? When I say something outlandish to people who are living in Canada. And they go yeah, that is kind of what? I think I'm being stupid. And they're like, no, there is moose in my backyard. And like I know. There's a there's an episode coming out next week. With that girl, Margaret, that I mentioned earlier, and it's going to be called Midnight gnocchi. Is that Is that how you say that? No, it's not there's a it's that's pasta. How do you there's a more of like, there's a fancy way of saying the word. Anyway. I wanted to name the episode Yukon asked shaker when you find out why you're gonna be so

Scott Benner 1:18:25Just like you and I are gonna have such a lovely moment. I'm gonna teach you a word. Basically, she's like, 2122 years old. She's college. Yeah. And she's just trying to figure out how to keep creepy guys offer and drink it. Yeah. And I'm like, do you want to know what a kucha mountain? No. Then I realized she didn't. Then I started stopping because I was like, I don't think she understands what this word is either. So we started defining words as we were talking to her. She was really good. She was very honest about what it was like for her to be at college with type. Yeah, I thought that was really that was one of the episodes that my tormentor doesn't like,

A huge thank you to one of today's sponsors. G voc glucagon. Find out more about Chivo Capo pen at G folk glucagon.com forward slash juicebox. They spell that g VOKEGLUC. Ag o n.com. Forward slash juice. And of course we're gonna thank Dexcom makers Dexcom G seven continuous glucose monitor dexcom.com forward slash news box to get real time information that makes a real difference. Don't forget p one D exchange.org/fuse. Box complete the survey today. support research me and you. P one D exchange.org. Forward slash juice box. Thank you so much for listening. I'll be back very soon with another episode of The Juicebox Podcast. And if you join the private Facebook group, please say hello. I would love to meet you 2b4c41e320

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