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Yemelyan Rodionov
Yemelyan Rodionov

Terrarium MOD APK: Grow and Harvest Your Own Plants

My Little Terrarium is a fun mini gardening simulation game. The game was released by 1N1 producer (Story Games, Calm Games, Hyper Casual). You are wondering what the game is about? The answer is in the name of the game. The terrarium is a glass aquarium or also known as mini miniatures. Coming to this game, you will enter a mini world with magical gardens and cute little animals. You will be able to design and create your own special glass aquariums yourself. You will be a hardworking gardener. Each working day has reaped attractive rewards.

You will be faced with a blank terrarium, which will be your "Terrarium". You need to choose and place various plants and animals to create a balanced ecosystem. Each creature has its own needs and characteristics, and you need to arrange their locations and numbers reasonably to meet their needs and maintain ecological balance.

terrarium mod apk

Closed terrariums need a lot of light, so place them somewhere bright, but away from direct sunlight because it might make the water inside overheat. In the same way, keep your terrarium far from radiators and other heat sources that might lead to overheating.

To create an Earth world on a dedicated server, you will need to set level-type=terrarium.earth in your server.properties file. This will set up a Terrarium world with default properties.The generator configuration is a bit tricky, so the easiest way to set up customs settings is to use the customization screen with the client mod. Once you have the mod installed on your client, start the world creation process as if you were creating a new singleplayer world. Head into the "Customize" screen, and tweak the settings to your liking. Once here, don't create the world. Instead, press the '...' button that appears next to the world preview. In this screen, you will see a text box which you can select to copy the world settings to your clipboard. Once you've copied this to your clipboard, paste the copied text after the generator-settings= property in your server.properties. Now, when you start the server, it should generate a Terrarium world with your selected configuration!




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